Lucknow Culture and Events

Lucknow Culture and Events

Lucknow is the second largest city in north, east and central India after Delhi. Lucknow has always been known as a multicultural city that flourished as a North Indian cultural and artistic hub and period of Nawab power in the 18th and 19th centuries. The culture is still alive and holds its old world charm even today. Lucknow Popularly known as the City of Nawabs, Lucknow is also famous for its traditional cuisine, fine arts and the most humble people you find in India. The cultural of Lucknow heritage influenced by the Mughal architecture and you can watch that Mughal touch in many places but not at all that relates to the culture of Lucknow.

Mouth Watering food or cuisine, the beautiful and light music and dance forms or the conversation language, everything has a touch of the royal splendor that Lucknow once flourished in. Due to the interest of Nawab in developing arts and artist like singing, dance, poetry all the arts related to culture because Nawab of awadh developed made its culture.

Azadari culture in Lucknow or Mourning in Lucknow, is name of the practices related to mourning and commemoration of the anniversary of the death of imam Hussain in Karbala city at Iraq who is a nephew of profit Mohammad the karbala in 680, particularly in period of Muharram (in the Indian sub-continent Muharram in the context of remembrance of the events of Karbala means the period of two months & eight days i.e. 68 days starting from the evening of 29 Zil-Hijjah and ending on the evening of 8 Rabi-al-Awwal and in general round the year. City culture to take procession in the memory of martyr Imam Hussain in which shia community participate but also hindu and some sunni muslim present and participate in procession.

In muharram procession is started from 1st muharram shahi juloos means royal procession which being taken from Bara Imambara to chota Imambara. It takes 5 to 6 hour and in this procession horses, camel and elephant and many other things. And second procession on 7th muharram shahi Mehdi juloos it is also royal procession in this procession horses, camel, elephant are there from same way it goes through the way of 1st muharram procession and in mourning days of 2 months and 8 days, many lectures called majlis and many procession being taken in the memory of incident of karbala.

Lucknow city is rich in culture, it is a multicultural city, a mix culture of muslim, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity. Lucknow city is known for its ganga- jamuna tehzeeb means a love among all community or a way the different community live together in lucknow. Here culture of festival in hinduism celebrated a many festival like holi, dussehra, diwali. Holi festival celebrated with colors because this festival culture is related to colors. It is celebrated with colors from old times. Dussehra is celebrated by putting fre to the statue of Ravan, it is said that victory of truth upon evil. Lord Ram won the battle against Ravana in Srilanka and Diwali is celebration in the memory of Shri Ram who came at his home Ayodhya after 14 years. It is celebrated by putting fire on crackers and sweet dishes are also cooked in festival of deepawali. Christmas and New Year celebration parties started before a week. Disco, lounge, a smoke parlour, bear bar, water park and Zoo where people celebrate New Year and parties continue all night.

Events –

Events in Lucknow is also related to culture because events which happened in the city is also relates to cultural. And cultural singing is sung in event in the night in which, theatre hindi play is organized at Bali auditorium Qaiser Bagh, Sangeet Natak Academy Gomti Nagar and Bhartendu Natya Academy Gomti Nagar. Where acting classes is given because, it is acting university and plays is also organized in the academy by the students.

Lucknow Mahotsav is organized in which Lucknow culture and art promoted through this event many people of India or from other country. People aware about Lucknow culture because under Lucknow festival many programme and events organized. It is organized in the last of December or in January. Dates varies by a Lucknow administration because it organized by administration of Lucknow.

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